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199 Words Entreating You to Help Me Take My #NaNoWriMo Novel to the Next Level has a contest for 2014 NaNoWriMo winners: a chance to have their NaNoWriMo novel read by an editor and an agent!

Here’s what I have to do to enter:

Write 500 words that describe your novel in a way that both encapsulates its essence and makes other people want to read it. Then: Go get Recommends!… The three synopses with the most Recommends at 11:59 p.m. PST on December 19 will be read by a panel of industry judges. The judges will select one winner, who will be invited to submit his or her novel to an agent and an editor.

Here’s what I would be oh-so-ever-so grateful if you could do:

  1. Read my 380-word synopsis on Medium. So short! A quick read!
  2. If you like it, click the “Recommend” button.
    You can read the snyposis without a Medium account, but you have to sign in to “Recommend” it :-/ I’m sorry about that—but it’s super easy and totally free: sign in with your Twitter or Facebook account. (Later you can revoke Medium’s access in your Tw/Fb settings.)
  3. Tell people! I need help getting the word out! (Re-)Tweet, share, repost—anything is a big help!
  4. Receive my undying gratitude. No, really, THANK YOU!
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