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dance party

I was cleaning out my WordPress blog–going through and streamlining some tags and categories, looking through old drafts, deleting most of them, and so on–when I came across this. Apparently, at one time, this was going to be a blog post. I have no idea where I was going to go with it…but I totally wish I did!

I can’t dance. I don’t mean, “I can’t dance–here let me show you.” I mean when my head tells my feet to dance, they start moving, and my head says, “That’s called walking.” And then maybe my feet will try again, and my head will say, “Now you’re just hopping.” If my feet are feeling unusually brave, they might try one more time. At which point, my head (and everyone else around) says, “Please. Just stop.”

writing desk

A Good Writer—But…

When I was young, I discovered that I liked to write. I liked to read, too, but I found a particular kind of satisfaction in writing my own stories. I wrote short stories that served as sequels to books I liked, small pieces that built… Read More

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friday high five

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have rings, will travel

white gown

I got married!! ♥ Prince Charming and I tied the knot at an old-fashioned chapel and train depot near Dallas. The day was simply magical—our families and friends went above and beyond in making the day truly spectacular. It really was absolutely stunning. We went… Read More