Nightmare Scenarios

In the comments yesterday, Gloria asked who I would vote for if the general election came down to Bernie vs. Trump or Cruz. These are the kinds of questions that I regularly ask myself, and so here is my list of nightmare scenarios—and my currently-anticipated action. Obviously, it’s a while until November and things could change. And, of course, this post is NOT meant to be taken too seriously or seriously at all. It is my straight-up opinion, and hopefully most of you are more reasonably inclined. For the good of the nation and all humanity. READ MORE

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The Iowa Caucuses

It’s been a dream of mine to attend the Iowa Caucuses since forever; in fact, that’s my ideal reason for visiting Iowa as part of my #seeall50 attempt. I think the caucuses are one of the coolest things in our political system. Any caucus is,… Read More


Introducing Fogarty

As mentioned, I’d been toying with the idea of posting bits of my NaNoWriMo on my blog throughout November. Of course, then I quit writing, so there wasn’t much to post. But the flood of encouragement I received over the past couple of days really… Read More


on i go

Truth be told, I quit NaNoWriMo this week. I was sick in bed all weekend, and while I managed to eke out a few words every day up through November 7, I haven’t written since then. I’m also still stuck with an annoying sore throat… Read More