because bookshelves

i lovelovelove bookshelves. ♥

i mean, we all do, right? it’s like, a thing, isn’t it? ♥ don’t you love seeing what other people are reading, what they once read, what they once thought they would read, what they hope to be reading, what they wanted to own despite never wanting to read, what they bought and never read, what their great-aunt gave them and they keep just in case she stops by? ♥ i love it all. i love those articles that show the bookshelves of famous authors; i love those Tumblrs that show the bookshelves of ordinary people. i just love seeing people’s bookshelves. i love the way books combine to create a portrait; i love that you can have 99 of the same 100 books as someone else…and that you have 1 different book.

basically i just absolutely love people’s bookshelves.

as you can see, that is a picture of my bookshelf—a curated collection of books i like, read, bought, don’t like, didn’t read, didn’t buy.  you know. my books!

if you are so inclined, i’d love to see/hear/know what’s on your bookshelf.  Send me a pic! Send me a note! Send me a pie!

aaaand they’re off!

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