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#list34 #34list

I can’t remember how we title these lists. We did it one way for #32list, but then #list33 sounded better. But now #34list sounds better than #list34, doesn’t it? It’s amazing what you can worry about when there are deadly viruses rampaging the earth, midterm elections coming up in a powerful country, and wars all over the place.

All that is my way of saying that the #34list is on. That is, I am in the process of writing it. Now that I’m almost 1/4 of the way done with being 34. Right??? I know.

It’s getting to be ridiculous, all this dilly-dallying about coming up with the list—so I’ve decided to sit here and write #LIST34 until I come up with all the things. WRITE ALL THE THINGS. Well, all but five. That was our original stipulation—you could leave five items blank on #32list, so that if cool things arose throughout the year, you could add them. (I also feel free to cross things off and replace them whenever I want. I’m not real strict with this whole thing.) Five items out of 32 is about 15%, and 15% of 34 is still about 5 #maybe #math.

So here is my #list34 (minus five things)

  1. Create #list35 (as you can see, I need to add this into my regular planning)
  2. Finish Washington: A Life Done! My review is here.
  3. Finish Les Miserables
  4. Finish John Adams
  5. Finish Life-study of Matthew (as you can see, I’m in the middle of too many books)
  6. Start and finish Life-study of Mark (why not start one more?)
  7. Perfect and print The Life Binder (more on this at a later date)
  8. Personal goal (yes, there’s really something behind that)
  9. Second personal goal (no, really. I have things written down on my phone for these)
  10. Third personal goal
  11. NaNoWriMo (which, uh, starts this Saturday. Oh gosh.)
  12. Query children’s book
  13. Organize and streamline and get-it-together my Facebook. Or quit. Enough’s enough.
  14. Read twelve books this year (It need not be “one a month”; the titles mentioned above totally count.)
  15. Make a quilt?
  16. Build a standing desk
  17. Learn Python
  18. Study French regularly; improve conversation skills (doing this with duolingo at present)
  19. Visit another state
  20. Regular, sustained exercise.
  21. Get good shoes Done! And let me just say, this is legit. I was literally (literally literally) shoe shopping for two years and wearing absolutely wretched little flats in the meantime. Flats that gave me all kinds of foot drama. TMI, I know.
  22. Sort out my personal politics and political allegiances. I have a lot of angst about this, and it needs to get DONE before the presidential election stuff really starts.
  23. Fourth personal goal
  24. Visit Yosemite
  25. Visit The Last Bookstore
  26. Massive closet purge
  27. Go through computers and hard drives and curate, clean up, and purge. Too many pictures, documents, and songs I no longer need. Or even know I have

Did I say I was going to write all but five? I meant seven.


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