Our first view of the moon. Directly behind us the sun was setting, too; it was a spectacular thing to be in the middle of.

super sky, supermoon

Is it possible to love a place only for its sky? To absolutely abhor the land itself, but to be so enthralled, enchanted, and in love with the sky that the place becomes special? I think it must be possible. It’s really the only way I can think to describe my feelings toward Joshua Tree National Park. READ MORE

The view


Once I realized I was going to hit two new states on this trip, it seemed all the more important to me that I try and fit one more in–Idaho. It was easy enough; when we left Yellowstone Under Canvas, we took the Idaho route… Read More

Every bit as wonderful as you can imagine.


When we first started planning our trip, it was all about Wyoming, #state28 in my #seeall50 endeavor. Our goal was to traverse Wyoming to best of our ability in the short time we had and stay at hotels along the way so that we got good rest each night. It was in the course of looking for hotel deals that I came across a promotion for a company called Yellowstone Under Canvas.

This has to be my favorite view of the whole day. We walked down a ways through the field to get to this point. It was absolutely breath-taking. (You can see a little of the glacier on the mountain, if you look closely, too.)

Every Kind of Splendor

I do not have the words to adequately convey the splendor that is Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Oh, a thousand adjectives come to mind, of course–majestic, enchanting, inspiring, refreshing, amazing, mind-blowing, eye-opening, spell-binding, heart-stopping–and they are all, in some way, part of the… Read More


Forever Wyoming

You know how it is: you anticipate doing something for so long and when you finally experience it, your bliss is tinged with anticlimax–a hint of disappointment that you are loathe to admit and saddened to feel. Reaching Wyoming is nothing like that…READ MORE

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West by Northeast

It really is odd that I like Wyoming as much as I do–and have liked it this much for some time, considering that I’ve never been to the state. It’s even odder because I’m not at all, not by any stretch of the imagination, an… Read More