the life binder

Have I told you about the life binder before? I don’t think I have, because it was an idea of mine that was very short-lived in its first incarnation, and I don’t think I had time to write about it back then. It’s untimely demise,… Read More


chirp. chirp.

It didn’t start with election fatigue; it started long before that, but election fatigue is what tipped the scale, I think. Wednesday night—after two days of media inundation—I decided I needed a break from social media. I signed into my social media accounts and let… Read More


The birth certificate clerk came in our room, gave me the form for a birth record, and said she would be back in twenty minutes to collect it. Truth be told, we didn’t have a name for the baby yet. We had months of deliberation, debate, lists, and changing minds, but no name—and now we had twenty minutes…READ MORE


the last moments before dawn

My favorite time of day is the hour just before dawn. Not the magical moment of dawn itself, when light begins to shimmer across everything; no, the bit just before, when the sky is still dark, and the city is lit only by streetlamps, headlights,… Read More