oh marvelous once

So I just had a baby, and I know I should write a little about that—and I fully intend to—but today I’m obsessing over a book I just read.

bougainvillea | stock photo by Dmitrij Paskevic

a report on my third trimester

the fact is, i am laying in bed, my belly a watermelon bruising my ribs, my heart long since subdued. the next months will be worse, i know, i tell myself, as i lay on my side, sharps pains and dull aches matched with nauseousness,… Read More

Stock photo by Padurariu Alexandru

the poem in my pocket

April is National Poetry Month, which I am in principle hugely excited about, but this year I have been almost completely negligent in celebrating it. I did manage to send one very bad rough draft of a poem to a fellow poetry-minded friend, so that’s… Read More

Stock Photo by Patrick Tomasso | unsplash.com

anotherday, anothersucker

So someone just sent me an article letting me know that the book exchange chain letter pyramid scheme I posted on Facebook and also on this blog yesterday is not only unlikely to work but also illegal. I’m torn between feeling like I’m letting the… Read More