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the constitution

today, members of the House of Representatives are convening to read through the entire US Constitution. (I tried to find a way to embed it on here, but no joy. CNN and MSNBC, as well as other outlets im sure, are streaming live and will surely have an archive of the reading if you are interested. but brace yourself. its long — coupla hours because they are reading round robin, paragraph by paragraph read by various congresspeople). there’s some debate about how much money this venture is costing the american tax payers–are we paying by the hour for our government to do this?–and i don’t intend to get tangled up in that issue. i can see both the good and the ill in the venture.

in line with this morning’s reading is charles kesler’s article in the national review online: “the constitution, at last,” which provides an interesting survey of american politics’s marriage to the constitution. it’s a good read, and not so partisan as to make the reader wince :) i recommend it.

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  1. No doubt, this will be the first time any of them have actually read the Constitution. Some of the new Teabaggers had to learn how to read for this occasion.


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